Quilting: Mammoth heirloom quilt – unfinished

My late mother was working on this in the mid-70s before she had me (the card templates she was using for the hexagons making up the flowers are cut up ‘prize’ cards from a local village show in about 1976 I think – she and my grandmother used to do particularly well in the victoria sponge and lemon curd categories while my sister and I would be tackling ‘garden on a plate’ and ‘ animal from a vegetable’ etc.).

Anyway… I thought it would be nice to try and finish the quilt off. As my first quilting project. Hmmm.
So, about eight years ago, I spent most of a winter sewing hexagons together to form flowers. I think that I must only have stopped when all the hexagons precut had run out. I joined them all together to make flowers and then joined those together. I went off to John Lewis (I’d know better now…) to buy fabric for the edge and back, and wadding – only to discover that the quilt is bigger than superkingsize. No problem, I thought – bigger is better when it comes to quilts. Problem was, however, that it was just too big to machine-quilt. I can’t remember why I did not want to hand-quilt now – but the result was that the mammoth quilt was put away in a big bag and stored for the rest of the decade.

I would like to finish it so that it can be used in the vicarage spare bedroom – am just beginning to think through what needs to be done. I think that:
~ the red trim needs to come off and be replaced with something lighter;
~ the quilt needs to be downsized to a king sized quilt (so what to do with the leftover flowers?)
Any ideas?
The picture shows 1/4 of the width of the quilt and c. half the length – it goes all the way down to the doorknob at the back.


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