So much to do, so little time…

It’s now just 10 weeks until we plan to move to The North for Mr.E’s curacy. Goodness.

There’s been lots potentially to blog about over the last few weeks, but life and work have become very busy. Hopefully I’ll have a little bit of time (in between decluttering, and seeing friends for dinner) this week while he is away from home on a mission with some fellow students.

I’ve almost finished crocheting my nice warm cardigan coat (pattern here) – I’ve run into the usual problem of not having got the sleeves quite right, so am currently unpicking, making them bigger, and hoping that I won’t run out of wool….. I’m making this in Wendy Mode Chunky (50% pure merino wool, no less – a step up from my usual premium acrylic – but I’m hoping that this will last a while). The colour is ‘Sailor’ – shade 252, and lot number 176 (only of interest to me should I need to match the dye lot…). I think that this will need to be my last crafting project before the move.