Farewell London BBQ…

We had a lovely afternoon and evening yesterday saying goodbye to friends and family from London and around. Really relaxed, and just a lovely time. Mr. E valiantly kept the BBQ going for about 6 hours. The supermarket bill for all the food and drink came to under £1/head (we asked people to bring their own meat) – always a pleasant surprise when I spend less than anticipated there. My cousin and her husband travelled for at least an hour to come and say hello/goodbye. I remembered to take photos so that we can put pictures on our wall, and help us remember to pray for our friends. Lots of lovely messages in our ‘leaving book’. Just lovely.

Now only 18 days to go until we move. There’s been *some* progress on decluttering – and it has been nice to give away to others things that we no longer need and are really useful for them. Phone and broadband is in progress for the Vicarage. Chicken coop is on order and should arrive shortly after we do. Three and half days left at work. Really looking forward to the move, and being rural again!

Now just to tidy up from yesterday…..

By way of procrastination (and aide-memoire for me) – this is what we had to eat, alongside the BBQ’d meat:

Bread rolls and butter

Sliced cheddar cheese (we have discovered Costco and are very excited)

Lemon and coriander couscous salad (with peppers and tomatos)

Spicy vegetable couscous

Roast courgettes and red onions (Costco again)

Leafy salad with chopped peppers.

Anzac biscuits – recipe here

Lemon and poppy seed cake.