From my Google Reader feed this week:

I particularly enjoy finding new blogs / websites on the internet from bloggers posting interesting links. So – imitation is the best form of flattery etc. – here’s a selection of some of the best posts I’ve read in the last week or two:

Online meanderings from the ‘in all honesty’ blog (one of my favourites) had lots of interesting links to Christian blogs this week – and new blog of the week was ‘Food that Serves’ (‘Hospitality at home to the glory of God’) which looks as though it will be very interesting.

A couple of posts on prayer that look interesting from the summary (I need to watch the videos still): ‘Prayer as Pastoral Work’ from the Gospel Coalition blog, and ‘Are you cynical about prayer?’ from Desiring God.

A couple of thoughts on ministry to chew over: ‘Your Ministry is Not Your Identity’ (Paul David Tripp on Gospel Coalition again) and ‘Being In the Centre at the Outside’ by the Vernacular Vicar.

and finally, another from Desiring God on ‘Workloads, Busyness and Time-hoarding’