Garden and Menagerie update


Cats: currently confined to barracks as one of them is a little unwell (probably from eating birds, or rabbits…)

Chickens: have discovered an escape route from their run – some time spent this morning trying to catch them, and being unsuccessful at that, (Sister Mary Clarence and Hildegarde being the two flightiest) shepherding them back through the gap in the fence and then fixing that. Found six eggs this morning, which must mean that I missed one yesterday, I think, and that all five are now laying – Hurrah!

Fish: Red-tailed shark is growing well (birthday present from Mr. E). Other fish all seem to be happy.

Veg: Almost all planted after we arrived Up North, so a bit of a guess really as to whether there is time for them to mature properly before Autumn. Courgettes: two plants died/eaten, one growing reasonably well, and think that we may have some produce from it. Runner beans: nibbled to fragility by rabbits (less nibbling of late – I wonder why?!), but still going. French beans: just sprouting. Tomatoes: Three plants in planters, growing well, need tying up, and pinching out of side shoots (left it too late this year, as last). All have basil planted with them, as that is supposed to be good for them. Potatoes in planter bags: all growing very well. The bag we brought up with us (leftovers from last year that I thought had gone wrong, and then surprised me by sprouting this year) I think might be ready – the foliage is going yellow, but no flowers, so not sure. 

Raspberries – pre-existing in the back garden: all fruiting – need harvesting and cutting back I think.

Blackberries – (birthday present from Mr. E.) – need to be dug a space to be planted into before they die….

Apples on the tree – seem to be growing OK, although tree needs a good prune. 

Garden generally needs a good prune – I’m not sure what half of the flowers/plants are, but a nice lady at church assured me on Sunday that all plants like pruning, so that seems to be a good place to start. 

Cows (not ours – but there are some in the back field immediately next to the back garden): inordinately interested in us, the chickens, anything that we are doing.