Obsessed with quiche

I have rediscovered quiche, which has been particularly useful during the Cumbrian heatwave (29C yesterday! PTL for the rain which has lowered the humidity and made the weather just a touch less filthy).

Blogging to remember good combinations of quiche (all made with a 2 egg/1 pack of ‘lighter’ soft cheese – e.g. Philadelphia/Sainsburys own brand etc.):
– Salmon and asparagus (smoked salmon value trimmings from Asda)
– Chicken and chorizo (left over chicken from roast, sliced chorizo and sweet chilli soft cheese)
– Bacon and leek (with added cheese)
– Alpine sausage and red onion (random venison/pork salami-esque sausage bought from Aldi).

All nice with some salad, and a cheap source of lunch.