A Year of Contentment and Joy: post #1

I read somewhere recently about the idea of choosing a word to define the year to come, rather than setting resolutions.

I rather like this idea, and have chosen two: contentment, and joy. Both seemed important to focus on, as it is so easy to be overwhelmed by seemingly negative events in life**

So – my intention is to post intermittently those things which have brought me joy (or moments where I have felt particularly content). This is similar to the ‘jar full of blessings’ idea (notes in a jar through the year to be reviewed at year end etc.)

So – today:

  • Spotting a peregrine falcon nibbling on something in the road before flying off
  • Narcissi prematurely flowering next to our front door
  • Setting up Google Cloud print! (I realise I am probably years behind the times…)
  • Watching chickens chase each other up and down the garden. They have free rein while the dog is at kennels.
  • Log fire a-burning…while I am battling the lurgy on the sofa.


* * feeling negative on one hand, whilst knowing Romans 8:28 on the other  (28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,[a] for those who are called according to his purpose)