Recipes: Dinner with friends

Decluttering old draft posts (this one was drafted in 2011… – posted now as this was a very nice meal indeed..):

Our New Year’s Resolution (ish) to have friends over for dinner more often is going well. Last night we were four in total, and had lots of lovely Indian food from from various Madhur cookbooks.

Menu as follows:

Parathas (with chilli and coriander)

Chicken in a fried onion sauce (“Everyday Chicken”

Sour chickpeas (second time in less than a fortnight that I’ve made these – Mr. E rates them at 9/10 and would happily eat for days on end…)

Aubergine slices

Cumin rice

Mango chutney

Followed by:

Raspberry and vanilla cheesecake (it was going to be white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, but I managed to burn, rather than melt, the chocolate in the bain-marie… oh dear…)