Baby Blanket – Hearts – Moss Stitch

Decluttering old draft posts (this one was drafted in 2011… – posted now as this was a nice pattern..):


Moss stitch border with moss stitch hearts on a stocking stitch background

Since receiving news that three different friends were all expecting babies in November, I have been busy a-knitting.

This first recipe pattern was designed by my sister for me. It uses moss stitch (which I love) on the borders and in the centre of each square to create ‘raised’ hearts.

Instructions as follows:

Long circular 4mm needles (I did manage however, to knit this using a long set of normal needles)

There will be 4 columns and 5 rows of hearts in the blanket overall. This is big enough for a buggy blanket/throw, but too small to swaddle any baby except a newborn, perhaps.

Cast on 125 stitches
Rows 1 to 6:
Moss st row: K1, [P1, K1] to the end
Repeat this row 5 times more

Heart pattern rows 7 to 36
[Moss stitch 5 (k1,p1,k1,p1,k1), work across row 1 of the heart pattern square (25 rows)]: repeat this 3 times, moss stitch 5
Continue as set above over the remaining rows of the chart (30 rows in total)

Repeat rows 1 to 36 four times

Repeat rows 1 to 6.

Cast off.

Tidy ends by sewing into cast on & cast off edges.

See heart pattern attached:
On odd rows knit and read from right to left –> RIGHT SIDE
On even rows pearl and read from left to right  –> WRONG SIDE
Grey squares: Knit on the wrong side and Purl on the right side (opposite to the white squares around them)