Hocus-Pocus … the return

Gosh – it’s been quite a long time since I blogged. It has been quite a busy time for the husband and me, but at least it seems to be calming down slightly now.
So, my attention turns to prep for the year ahead in the mid-week Bible study I go to. This year – 1 Corinthians. A cursory reading throws up lots of very interesting points to look into in more detail, and plenty of ‘wrestling with the text’ will have to be undertaken.
For my use (even if no-one else finds it useful), I’m going to post some useful links to sites/blogs re: 1 Corinthians (thanks to Mete Pyers for starting me off with some useful links re: cessationism etc.).
This year is going to be fun!


Books: Total Church – Tim Chester and Steve Timmis

Now that I have got over my uncomfortableness (is that a word?) about writing in books, I’m finding it much easier to read books critically (as I can now write exclamation marks in the margin!). I can also annotate comments next to paragraphs which are particularly interesting.
One of the first books to be subjecting to my scribblings is “Total Church – a radical reshaping around gospel and community” by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis.

The blurb on the back is as follows:
Total Church pleads for two key principles for church and mission. First, the gospel as content: being word-centred (for the gospel is truth) and being mission-centred (for the gospel is truth to be proclaimed). Secondly, the community as context: sharing our lives as Christians and offering a place of belonging to unbelievers.

The authors apply these principles to church planting, evangelism, apologetics, social involvement, leadership, discipleship, pastoral care, world mission and notions of sccuess. They critique current trends within the church: emerging church movements are strong on community but weak on truth, while conservative evangelicalism is strong on truth but weak on community. Their call is a call for the best of both”

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

The weekend has been lovely.

After church on Sunday morning I went to a friend’s house for lunch which was very relaxing (some of the best roast lamb I’ve ever had… do hope that it was British but will adopt a don’t-ask don’t-tell policy to avoid conflict at home… then lovely apple pie and being force-fed Easter eggs….). I even got to play pool before lunch and note that I am approximately as flukey a player as I was nine years ago. It was fun, nonetheless.

Then to church again, with a slight change to the usual faces leading the service (due to the arrival of babies..). Leading prayers was significantly less terrifying than anticipated, largely due to the fact that if you are looking down at the lectern to read the prayers, you can’t see people (even if they are not looking at you).
The following points of anxiety were unfounded (PTL!):
speaking too quickly, too slowly, too West Country,
reflexively shutting my eyes,
Freudian slips [my internal monologue does not need to be shared with the wider church family],
dry mouth,
not being able to read my notes,
going on too long,
falling over on the way up to the stage,
causing feedback in the microphone [really hate microphones],
speaking too quietly, speaking at too deep a pitch,
reverting to Anglican liturgical language,
reverting to Anglican intonation [i.e. reading prayers like they are the football results]).

I was probably a little quick, and was apparently very posh…. clearly I reverted to my ‘telephone’ voice….
Anyway – all done and am still alive – hurrah!

After church, mammoth (47 ppl) trip to the Standard, as is traditional on a Bank Holiday Sunday. That works out at approx 1 in 3 of the brothers and sisters present at the evening service. Excellent company, excellent food, all for £10, plus a free pen and a chance to play the After Eights game.

Slept late this morning (Easter Monday), planned to do lots of house shopping, but then the Boy Racer (Gaah, Money Pit!) wouldn’t start, so made do with tidying the house (bleaching the sink!), reading a little, baking bread and sorting the wardrobes before tootling over to Oval/Kennington for Bank Holiday food at B’s. He makes good food. Such good puddings in particular! Must nab the recipes…

Sunday 17 December … brilliant weekend part II

After excessive amounts of food over the last three days, just a nice yoghurt for breakfast this morning. JT didn’t turn up so went to carol service by myself. Decided to sing with the descant choir up by the organ which was quite nice, but did mean that I couldn’t hear myself sing. Also, the pews v.narrow, had to sing shifting weight from foot to foot – not ideal.

Then a nice mingle after the service, a useful conversation and then driving back to the office to look at Housing Benefits (joy!). Then, drove back in time for the evening service which was really enjoyable. I may start going again when the time comes forward to 6pm in the New Year. Saw lots of old faces. Friends from college were there as well which was nice. More mingling, some mulled wine, and a trip to the pub. Drove home at 10pm still with plenty of time to potter before bed. Had forgotten how singing the descants makes me slightly light-headed…
A lovely day.