Water, water, everywhere …..

Aunty J is still without water and so is popping over to GC’s for showers etc. Electric is back tho’. According to Dad, the water at home may go off tomorrow. Something to do with the reservoirs having run dry. Contingency plans being made (largely around sterilising the slurry tanker and utilising nearby rivers….) but hopefully it won’t come to that. Apparently the cows are all shut up still (since it was wet earlier on in the month).

In other news:
TractorBoy’s had some preliminary driving lessons and has managed to steer the Land Rover in a straight line in first gear. BonnyGirl is beginning to toddle (having bypassed the crawling stage it seems) and is beginning to create havoc.
Dad’s farmers’ collective have bought a couple of seats near the centre line in the new stand at Kingsholm. Nice!


Grr…. Rugby… Wasps 25 – Leicester 9

Irritating. Wasps won the Heineken Cup. On a brighter note for next season though, Gloucester have signed Lesley* Vainokolo from Bradford Bulls – looks terrifying, which is just what we need on our back row. Should make next season even better. See report and pictures here.

* I wonder if there are shades of “A Boy Named Sue” about him?

Press coverage

My word, a decent write up in the press including a comment indicating that I missed some wonderful understated announcements from the Kingsholm tannoy:

Gloucester were mean enough to dedicate themselves to preventing any late Saracens try, and the public address system, rather apologetically, announced with Gloucester leading by 36 points that tickets would be available for the final afterwards, in the event of them holding on to win. As nonarrogant pronouncements went, it was a classic.

Also here which indicates that a new chant has been generated by the Shed:

When the Shed starts chanting, “Can we play you every week?” the opposition know they’ve had a bad afternoon. And so it was with Saracens, blitzed by a Gloucester outfit who notched seven tries and could have made it 10 or more were it not for a number of finishing errors.

Gloucester 50 -9 Saracens! We’re off to Twickenham

I am a very happy woman. Kept checking the internet on my phone as I was wandering around the National Gallery with Dr B and The Lawyer (who would like me to point out that she is very nice). Feeble driving round Wales with Drain looking for (and failing to find) a pub which was showing the game.
Doesn’t sounds as if there have been any injuries to Glos, which is excellent. Looks like a Leics final.
Have got five tickets for the lower tier, North Stand – not ideal, as I’d wanted the side on view, but should be OK. In the middle of the Gloucester supporters area though. Nice.

Ah, it’s good to be back!

I left work later than intended yesterday, but as I was already in Berkshire it only took me a further 90 mins to drive back to Glos.
Selected highlights of the evening:
* Going out for dinner at the local Chinese (surprisingly good!) with Dad, H, The Boy, Feeble and Fluff and trying to co-ordinate which dishes to order. Harder than Dim Sum, because everyone has an opinion. Oddly enough Dad had never had crispy duck before (and so must have formed his love of Chinese food from spring rolls – bizarre!)
* Being amused by the waitress when she checked back to ask if everything was OK (clearly not looking too closely at our plates, as there was hardly any food left at that point. I’d forgotten quite how quickly food disappears when put in front of my family)
* Being told that TractorBoy recently asked “Why am I here?” (didn’t have him down as a deep thinker!)
* Seeing that BonnyGirl has become very grown up. She’s six months old now and is (as I believe child-rearing experts refer to it) ‘exploring the world through touch’ (i.e. pulling my hair and sticking her fingers in my eyes)
* Being told that I will have sole charge of TB during the rugby this afternoon. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to persuade Dad to let him come…… Still, should be able to take a photo of the clan – I, Feeble, the Boy and TractorBoy all have proper Glaws rugby shirts now, and BonnyGirl could just sit in the middle.
Off to Ashton Gate at half twelve.

Top of the table, but Tindall’s broken

Newcastle 19 – 13 Gloucester away.
We have scraped to the top of the table with Leics equal on points, but they have a game in hand. Only the Bristol game (Ashton Gate) to go at the end of the month.
Amusingly Wasps are currently in 5th place, so outside the play-offs unless they do very well between now and the end of the season. Would be lovely if they missed out. An end to their usual antics of finishing in the top 4 and then winning the ridiculous ‘play-offs’.