Water, water, everywhere …..

Aunty J is still without water and so is popping over to GC’s for showers etc. Electric is back tho’. According to Dad, the water at home may go off tomorrow. Something to do with the reservoirs having run dry. Contingency plans being made (largely around sterilising the slurry tanker and utilising nearby rivers….) but hopefully it won’t come to that. Apparently the cows are all shut up still (since it was wet earlier on in the month).

In other news:
TractorBoy’s had some preliminary driving lessons and has managed to steer the Land Rover in a straight line in first gear. BonnyGirl is beginning to toddle (having bypassed the crawling stage it seems) and is beginning to create havoc.
Dad’s farmers’ collective have bought a couple of seats near the centre line in the new stand at Kingsholm. Nice!

40 days and nights?….

Up in Newcastle this weekend and didn’t see much of the news/newspapers, but became aware of the unprecedented flooding in deepest, darkest Gloucestershire. I sent Tombob a text message enquiring whether he had floated away (or similar) but no response – so I assume that all is well with him. Checked in with GC this morning and found that she was OK, but Aunty J only narrowly escaped flooding (the flood water came to within six houses of her house) but has no water and no electricity as they have been affected by the sub-station going down. GW is OK. Both are filling water bottles in case the water supply goes down.
T- Mr&Mrs at church went to a wedding in Gloucester at the weekend, and should have been attending a reception in Tewkesbury, but instead ended up being relocated to Cheltenham (Tewkesbury has been badly affected as it is near the junction of the River Avon and the River Severn).
More rain and flooding is expected and people are comparing it with the flooding of 1947. GW doesn’t remember anything this bad (and is slightly over 80)…