Gloucestershire! Not Somerset!

Tonight I went to the cinema to see “Hot Fuzz” that is now I think, quite possibly, one of my favourite films ever. I knew that it was going to go well when I heard the line “We’re sending you to Sandford, Gloucestershire”, yes GLOUCESTERSHIRE, not Somerset as I’d read in the papers. Proper accents. Proper people mind. Cotswold villages! Everyone has guns! People get upset about having their age incorrectly published in the local Citizen!. Committee meetings!. Cake in the police station!. Bill Bailey – twice! Proper Gloucester accents. I almost understood the man who needed translating twice – he spoke Gloucester mumble proper like! Farmer with an arsenal! Swan! Miniature village! Timothy Dalton NOT BEING ANNOYING LIKE HE WAS IN BOND! I can so watch this film several times. Again, again, again! Simon Pegg originally from Gloucester (good lad!) all posh accent throughout the film until towards the end when it starts to slip. Car chases! Am Dram! Keeping up the village name! Like Miss Marple/Midsomer Murders but with slightly surreal humour. Love it!