Sunday 17 December … brilliant weekend part II

After excessive amounts of food over the last three days, just a nice yoghurt for breakfast this morning. JT didn’t turn up so went to carol service by myself. Decided to sing with the descant choir up by the organ which was quite nice, but did mean that I couldn’t hear myself sing. Also, the pews v.narrow, had to sing shifting weight from foot to foot – not ideal.

Then a nice mingle after the service, a useful conversation and then driving back to the office to look at Housing Benefits (joy!). Then, drove back in time for the evening service which was really enjoyable. I may start going again when the time comes forward to 6pm in the New Year. Saw lots of old faces. Friends from college were there as well which was nice. More mingling, some mulled wine, and a trip to the pub. Drove home at 10pm still with plenty of time to potter before bed. Had forgotten how singing the descants makes me slightly light-headed…
A lovely day.


Down to Chi and back from Chi

Last day in Chichester today – 2.5 hours driving down, 2.5 hours driving back. I think that I might even know the way without sat nav now!
Back at twenty to six and nipped to Sainsburys to buy a variety of food related Christmas presents.

Lurgy … and bye bye credit card

Woke up this morning and the cold has taken grip. Two hot mugs of Ribena later and having made the usual calls to GW, GC, Feeble and home, went into the office to catch up on my work. Bought new jeans and jumper from Next and updated my stocks of lemsip, facewipes etc. When I went to pay for my parking, the machine swallowed my credit card (I knew I should have paid cash!). Called the guard who came and pressed cancel and found that the machine didn’t give the card back to him either. Therefore, went down to the main kiosk, left my details and asked the man to get the supervisor to retrieve tomorrow and I would come by and pick up. When I got home about half six, phoned credit card company to put a temporary stop on it, only to find that someone had tried to use it for £700 in Carphone Warehouse etc. etc. about ten minutes after I had abandoned it. Not really sure what has happened there – either the machine spit it out much later and some ne’er-do-well pinched it, or the payment machines are some secret cloning machine. Hmmmm. In any case, is OK – no money taken, and replacement card should be with me in about 10 days.

Holiday drawing to an end

Gym induction today – not quite as bad as I feared.
Small issue with not putting on the handbrake on the car in the parking lot …. began to roll and was stopped by slightly bemused/annoyed man…. Was OK in gym, but then came back and ate for England, which I suspect is not the best response
Drove to Crouch End for F’s flatwarming. Beautiful flat – not sure why sat nav always takes me via Hackeny – not a pleasant experience!. However, did take me via the Hornsey Road, past the N7 sorting office (almost). Thought to myself as I went round the roundabout – gosh that’s a big stadium… yes, that would be the new Emirates (Arsenal) stadium (me, aware of developments!)
beginning to worry about work again…

Busy holidays … Thursday

Bed at 1am (why do I stay up to watch Apprentice USA?) then woke up at 9am, so perhaps sleep pattern is getting back to normal. Filled car up with petrol – running *so* much better now. Then off to Beckton to have a look at the retail park – discount Next a bit sparse, but discount Boots great – lots of stuff purchased. Then off to the Swedish ppl at Lakeside. Had a bit of a potter round Lakeside itself and got some lunch. Can see how it is useful to have all under one roof, but must be awful on at weekend – was bad enough at Thursday lunchtime. Managed to spend £120 in Ikea, but £100 of that was vouchers, so pretty well judged. I now have bedding for the spare room, some bins, some frames for various pictures and batiks that need to go up, and a small Billy bookcase and extension that will hopefully work as a TV unit in the spare room. Then back to Clarks to buy some shoes (they really are the best) and then Sainsburys for some photos so that I can join the leisure centre tomorrow.
SLOB this evening so some prep to do on studies 3 and 4 (Rev 2:8-28).