Chickens galore

When Bernard the chicken went broody for about the 4th time in her two years of existence, I decided that it might be fun to let her raise some chicks, instead of spending months staring at the inside of a nest box.
So – I bought 6 White Sussex and 6 Maran hatching eggs from Ebay, constructed a broody pen inside the chicken palace and repurposed a cat carrier as a nesting box and left her to it. 3 weeks later, 9 chicks hatched!
They are now just over six weeks old and look like miniature (or not) chickens. I think that we have 7 cockerels and 2 pullets, which will make for a happy augmentation of the egg-laying flock, and lots of chicken dinners come September/October.
I googled around a fair bit looking for advice on how to sex chickens as an amateur. I won’t reproduce/summarise that here, but would note that around 3 weeks I noticed that the tail feathers were more developed (bigger) on around 7 of the chicks – this lasted for about 2/3 days and then the difference disappeared. Currently, some chicks have very clear red combs (so I expect these to be male, as pullets’ combs won’t turn red until they come into lay) compared to one chick who has a very small pink comb – and I’m still sticking to 7:2 cocks:hens ratio (with one pullet each of White Sussex and Maran). I’m not 100% sure about 2 of the 7 (again, one of each breed), so we will have to see how they turn out.