Gardenwatch: Vegetable growing update.

Harvest to date:

11 bulbs Sicilian red garlic (quite small bulbs, just about broke-even if you ignore costs of labour, compost etc.!)

9 courgettes (from two plants!)

In progress:

Raised bed:
French beans – early plants are beginning to crop, second wave are c. 6” high, so spacing of harvest should be good.
Runner beans – about a foot high, going OK.
Rogue plant – still looks like a potato plant, rather than a weed, so will let it continue to grow.
Beetroot – growing well, needs thinning out.
Swiss chard – as for beetroot
Squash plant – growing, but not doing anywhere as near as well as those at home.
Aubergine plant – looks a bit sad, thinking of taking up and putting in the mini greenhouse at home. Perhaps a task for the weekend.
Courgettes – gearing up to abundance! We’ve had 9 courgettes off the two big (monster!) plants – which I think are both F1 Zucchini, with another 5 growing as we speak. The two smaller plants are also a decent size now – (Cocozelle v. Tripoli) and I’ve just spotted the first striped courgette. We are currently checking the raised bed twice a week (it’s at Mr. E’s college, rather than at home, so don’t see it every day during the holidays).
Garlic (sultop) – lots of growth above ground, and thick stems, but an experimental harvest of one showed that there is still a way to go in garlic growth (which makes sense – not really expecting to harvest for another month or so, but with the funny weather we’ve had I thought that it might be early). This month’s Gardeners’ World magazine (thank you Clubcard vouchers for the ‘free’ subscription) suggests that cutting off the foliage/scapes helps more energy to go into growing the bulb, so will do that this weekend as well.
Red onions – similar state to garlic I think -have not done a test harvest, but they are almost indistinguishable from the garlic foliage.
Perpetual beet spinach – growing well, but needs thinning.

Rosemary, mint – both growing well in their pots.
Tomatos – one cordon, two tumblers in hanging baskets, one ‘tumbler’ that thinks it is a cordon and hasn’t tumbled, one patio and one bush tomato – all doing well with flowers, and tomatos growing on the patio and cordon. I remembered to feed them with tomato food today – hurrah!.
Aubergines (2) – baby aubergines in sight – one on each plant.
Courgettes in grow bags (2) – one doing very well, with one courgette almost ready to harvest, plus one about the size of my little finger. Other doing OK, but no courgettes yet.
Squash plants – both doing well – one is snaking across the patio with lots of small flowers growing. The other has a tiny squash growing.
Beetroot – in troughs – growing OK – c. 4” high
Chives – reborn, look fresh.
Parsley – needs to be chucked I think – old plant from last year – having one last gasp.
Oregano, thyme – both doing well, flowering.
Coriander – has ‘bolted’ (I think that’s the term – it’s shot up, flowered, and stems woody, so not a lot of coriander to harvest).
Sunflower – looking good – about 1ft high.
Courgettes (2) in compost tub – one v.big, with 4 finger sized courgettes growing. Slightly worried about this one as the plant hangs over the edge of the tub – a lot of strain on the stem! The other courgette plant has been almost entirely eaten by snails. Why they’ve eaten one, and not t’other, I don’t know. Also worth noting that they’ve managed to vault the copper taping around the edge of the tub….
Courgettes in tubs (4) – all doing OK-ish – these are the youngest plants I think – one has a couple of finger sized courgettes.