Crochet Project #1: It’s a Hoot Owl Container


Crochet Project #1: It’s a Hoot Owl Container

So – I rediscovered Ravelry and decided to make this in order to use up a stash of Aran wool that I had bought via Ebay with no particular purpose in mind (there’s a lesson in there I think). This was fairly quick to make (killed a few hours on New Year’s Eve waiting for midnight to come) and very straightforward once I got into the rhythm of it. Like many crochet patterns, the notation of the pattern looks quite confusing until you’ve got ‘into’ it – essentially this is a pattern which says:

1) Make a big circle

2) Reinforce the base with a couple of rows done in one side of the loop only)

3) Build the sides using a basic basket-ish type stitch

4) Put the handles on.

I do think that it would be easier if patterns included that kind of signposting sometimes as well as the detailed instructions.