A weekend in London

Two trips into town this weekend (Fri/Sat) – over the last 48 hours I have:

  • met up with one of my dearest friends who I hadn’t seen in about nine months, as she was down visiting from Leeds. Starbucks in the v.swish St. Pancras station (the contrast between Kings Cross and St. Pancras is quite something…)
  • been shopping in Covent Garden
  • bumped into another of my dearest friends (and former flatmate) as Mr.E. and I were just leaving Covent Garden to go out for dinner – so we popped into a nearby hostelry for a G+T. Don’t think that I’ve been in a wine bar/pub in the ‘after work drinks’ time slot since I left my old job last May.
  • eaten lovely food at the restaurant where Mr.E and I got engaged (had a nice money-off voucher).
  • decided that I should really like to come back into town and wander around Covent Garden / Theatre area a little bit before we leave London in the summer
  • had my dad and his wife and their children up to stay overnight. My study, and Mr.E’s study are now tidy-ish (the spare beds are in the studies) … and I’m aware of just how much clutter there is to get sorted before we go.
  • witnessed how exciting the Piccadilly line is to country children….. who will happily swing round and round and round the poles as the train moves (makes me feel sick to think of it).
  • been to the Science museum with the above… mostly looking at the agricultural bit, which was enjoyable, but development of agriculture seems to have stopped somewhere around 1950/1960. Sat-nav-guided tractor displays there were not.
  • been to the Natural History museum (with the rest of the world and his wife) and queued for a long, long, long time to see the dinosaur. Sadly the children didn’t believe me when I said that it was real…..
  • been to Covent Garden again, and watched street theatre (man on a 10-foot unicycle juggling two large knives and one apple, and eating the apple as he goes…)
  • bought traditional Valentine’s present for Mr. E.
  • eaten a lovely beef bourgignon-ish stew made by Mr.E for when we all got home.